Devizine Podcast Radio Show!

Devizine is all about going out and painting the town pink, or least a whiter shade of red. What happens when you can’t go out though; uninspired, skintage, washing hair, recruited to centurion in the militia of Emperor Grumpus Maxiumus, or just plain can’t be arsed?

Fear not oh fearless one, Devizine has catered for you, kind of. Here’s a shiny new page where you can listen to, or download hour episodes of a musical podcast, and I can thrust my musical tastes at you like hips of Tom Jones. Think of this experimental skulduggery as the Devizine Radio Show that would never be, as unlike a radio show, there’s no corny adverts, no chatty bollocks, just unadulterated tuneage.

You should note I’m very eclectic with musical tastes, so expect anything. For this first episode, and just to try it out, make sure it works, here’s a wholly classic boss reggae hour; oi, skank your skinhead round and round.

Check back each Sunday, for another episode will be added, to guide you through cooking the roastie or when you’ve been summoned to wash up; have a dance around your kitchen each weekend with Devizine! I see you baby, shakin’ that colander.



Podcast 1: The Heavy, Heavy Monster Sound – Click the Image to listen or download! podcastheaderep1.png

Podcast 2: Shake a Tailfeather

Okay, being this proved popular last week, let’s officially open this page with a right retro rave; mod, soul, funk, reggae, ska mix – click the picture to listen or download, and do the funky chicken around your kitchen this rainy Sunday.


Podcast 3: Messin’ With The Kid

Another adventure on the wheels of steel, kind of; this week it’s a bed of anything goes, with a crunchy ska centre and topped with a bit of Northern soul and RnB; click piccy to listen or download, for bugger all ‘cept the love!


Podcast 4: Halloween Howl!

The usual mix, with a spooky edge; soul, rock n roll and ska get mashed for Halloween!