Devizine Virtual Festival

Welcome to Devizine’s Virtual Festival! Of course, it won’t be like a real festival, silly, but right now, sadly, it’s all we’ve got. So, take a moment to view our ever-updating line-up and try to pretend it’s a real festival best you can; lounge in your front room with muddy boots, pour your cider into a flimsy cardboard cup and take a piss behind the sofa. Maybe your neighbour will sell you a cling-filmed slice of broken dustbin lid, or money bag of basil for £25.

The festival starts from Friday 20th March. The festival ends when this terrible fiasco has been given the all clear. You don’t need a pac-a-mac or tent, you need no ticket. At this moment I admit, I’m making this up as I go along, a bit like the government; let’s see how we get on.

This is the festival’s main page, wander the site and click on the icons to stop in a field, sit on the grass and crack open a tinny! Listed alongside will be an ever-growing schedule, with performances live streamed or pre-recorded videos. There won’t be things going on all the time, you can come and go as you please, without having to have an itchy wristband!

Obviously, I cannot charge you for entry to the festival. But the reason we are doing it is because there will be a significant loss of revenue to artists, performers and venues during this shutdown. The best way to support the artists is to visit their websites and BandCamp pages and buy their music, I will endeavour to add the relevant links.

Artists and authors are encouraged to display their artwork in our gallery, freely, for which links to their websites will be added so they can sell from there.

We need to hear from our musicians, artists, comedians, performers of any kind, magicians, actors, whoever. DJs, send us your mix links, or do us a live stream. Please get in touch with me via email, or Facebook message the page. Tell me what you’d like to do, and when you would be free to send us a live stream link, we will add it to the relevant page and it to the timetable. I cannot post videos direct on the site, but I can add YouTube and Facebook video links which will be displayed as videos on the site and on the event Facebook page too.

If your business is delivering food or drinks, we can add your link into our food hall or beer tent, please let me know! Any other suggestions to make our festival complete are welcome.

So, bear with, bear with, and I’ll be adding events and streams and more details as they come in. And I hope you enjoy, and please help us by donating.