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Quick experiment here, after noting lots of people on social media enquiring of local jobs, or advertising vacancies, I thought I’d try adding a job search forum. So, please feel free to add a thread if you’re looking for work, or if you’ve a job going. I reckon we should give, say, six months from now, to see if the idea takes off, if not I’ll get rid.

Rules, as there’s always rules. Obvious one first with regard to internet safety:
DO NOT leave any personal information on the forum. It’s advised you contact via email.
DO NOT post anything illegal.
DO NOT respond to threads unless you are sure the post is genuine. I would recommend you search for any advertising companies online.
DO NOT SPAM this forum, you will be banned.
DO NOT post jobs outside of the Wiltshire area.

Devizine cannot accept any responsibility over any activity based on this forum, so please be careful. I hope it helps people to find work, and gain employees, I will not be impressed to hear people are abusing this trust. Do please let me know if these rules have been breached. Thanks, and enjoy.

Click here to enter the forum

You can add a comment here, but DO NOT use this comment section to advertise, please use the forum by clicking on the picture. I will update this page with the progress made, be great to know it’s working okay!

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