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Keen to promote all the great local music Wiltshire and the West Country has to offer, welcome to Devizine’s own compilation sampler where artists are encouraged to share one tune from their catalogue and, all I do is add a link to where you can find out more.

Does this sound like a super, amazing, awesome idea? Well, it’s better than me waffling on about how good this or that is, you’ll be able to hear it for yourself!

So, alrighty then, if you’ve a tune you or your band would like to feature here just send it our way and Bob’s your uncle’s brother.

George Wilding

Avebury’s George Wilding is a self-taught guitarist, who caught the eye of Nick Harper and played Avebury Rocks in 2011. Since his “abstract stories” gained him a loyal following and his reputation has preceded him.

His EP, Being Ragollian has gained impressive reviews. Produced by Gary Saunders and Stu Rowe at Lighter-thief studios in Swindon. This track, One More Time for me Sweetheart is taken from the follow-up “Lunatic,” EP.


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It’s Complicated – Imber Fire

Devizes based band, It’s Complicated are not your standard covers band, otherwise they would’ve named themselves “Its Easy.”  Formed in 2017 from a previous popular function band Friday Feeling, drummer and vocalist Tim Watts, voclaist and keyboardist  Jacq Sherlock and guitarist Tom Evans wanted to get away from standard covers so they began experimenting with their own unique approach to delivering a collection of fantastic songs, in their own way. Bass player Stephen Barron joined shortly after.

They mix classics diverse as Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Stevie Via, Celo Green and Sophie Ellis Baxter Jackson with lesser known songs, rearranging them in their own unique style. But it’s their original material which we feature a song from here, and how more locally themed can you get then a tribute to Imber Blacksmith Albie Nash, who doctors diagnosed “a broken heart,” when he passed chained to his anvil after the army forced the residents to leave the village?


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Phil Cooper – Welcome to the Wild

We’ve just reviewed Trowbridge’s guitar principal Phil Cooper’s forthcoming album “Thoughts & Observations,” and he’s sent us a classic tune of his to add. Read the review here.


Click for Phil’s website


Lottie Jenkins – Snapped

Knocked out when Swindon’s young singer-songwriter, Lottie Jenkins played Times Square in Devizes on autumn evening: Read the preview here. Watch this space for details about her Showcase, 29th April at The Kings in Wood Street, Swindon. Until then, enjoy “Snapped.”

lottie 3
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 Larkin – Final Hour

From their album “Set You Free.” Devizes based duo Sam and Finley have produced something really rather special: read the review here.


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 Mike Barham – Bowser’s Castle

Fiery but friendly, the mighty Mike Barham  grates bluesy overdrive into a ridiculous falsetto sparkle with a huge portion of energy. The Devizes singer-songwriter soloist is a prolific performer with a witty and charismatic stage presence and supported some of the best. Bowser’s Castle is taken from his debut album Altitude with Attitude, recorded, mixed and mastered by Guy Britton at Riverbank Studios, Chippenham. 


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Mitch Underwood – Burn

Rock/metal guitarist from Devizes, Mitch has played in various bands  over the years, the last one, Burnthru, played venues all over the UK and Europe, supporting such bands as Grim Reaper, Breed 77 and Diamond Head. Now he focuses  on instrumental guitar music, and this track, Burn comes off his debut album ‘The Space Between.’ Check his website here.


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Jamie R Hawkins – Nicotine

Devizes-based Jamie R Hawkins is an Award Winning Singer Songwriter whose songs have won him critical acclaim in the UK and around the world. He has been described as “a powerful mixture of storyteller, philosopher and poet,” his lyrics as “poignant and witty” and his performances, “emotive and captivating.”


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Tamsin Quin – Falling (Live)

Awaiting in anticipation for the forthcoming studio album from Tamsin Quin, acoustic singer-songwriter from Devizes,  until then here’s the wonderful “Falling” recorded live in the Lamb.


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Erin Bardwell Collective – Rock Steady Rub

From their album “Great Western Reggae Soundclash,” Swindon’s finest reggae collective: Read the review here

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Knatty P – Pon Me

Amazing Wiltshire fine artist, with the same dedication to reggae as to his paintings. Check out his art exhibit “Unrest,” at Wine Street, Devizes in March: Here’s our review


Strange Tales – Not a Witch

Headed by Pewsey’s Sally Dobson on vocals, Strange Tales are a synth and bass-driven band from West Sussex to Wiltshire, producing melodic musical curiosities from the darker side of the street. Their songs relate myths and cautionary tales drawn from the murkier corners of the human psyche, while retaining a pop sensibility and stripped-down, punk-rock approach. Their debut album “Unknown To Science” is out now.

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Citizen of Earth – Steve Andrews

Author, journalist, singer-songwriter, public speaker, poet and naturalist. Cardiff’s Bard of Ely, Steve Andrews will be remembered for his blue bearded appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, but I’ve been friends with him since the days when social networking meant sending glued photocopied zines through the post! Citizen of Earth is in a collection of songs produced by Jayce Lewis.

living book
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