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Event Listing

Listing your event is FREE, just email me, Facebook message me or even tag me in your event page post, but check the event calendar on the home page to see that I’ve picked it up, if not, nudge me, preferably with a cup cake. If you don’t inform me about your event I might miss it!

Extend your event’s presence by Advertising

I’ve tried to make this as simple, and as cheap as I can! So advertising on this site is free, and freely run adverts will be issued at the owner’s discretion. I ask, for permanent running adverts that you make a small donation for the upkeep of the site, which you can do at the PayPal donate button at the foot of this section. If you do not wish to use this service, message me and we can arrange another method.

For a full sized advert I ask for £2.50. If your advert is for an event it will be placed on the calendar at the appropriate date and will last until the date is passed.

If your advert is for general, for a shop or business, it will appear at the top of the month in which you purchased it, and will run for that month.

All adverts will also be shared on our social media networks and also be added to all features and articles published by Devizine, until the duration of the advert has expired.

For multiple adverts, say if you have an number of events to promote, you have a further two options:

Option one is for five adverts which I ask for £10.

Option two is for ten adverts at £15.

I will keep an account of how many adverts you have run and notify you when you’ve reached your limit, so you need not send them all at once.

You can use the PayPal Donate button below to pay, if you do not have a PayPal account let me know and we can work something out!

Once you’ve paid, please send artwork to with any additional instructions.

For an advertorial rates please email me.


Charities, schools and service providers are FREE to advertise, so forget everything you’ve just read; get in touch to see how we can help.

Devizine reserves the right to alter pricing when it deems appropriate, but will not affect existing adverts running. For all enquires;




Contribute to the fast-growing website in the world, or, failing that, come and write for Devizine!


Think you’ve got what it takes to write here? Well buddy, I’ll tell you it’s not as easy as it sounds. Well, actually it is that easy and I’d love to hear from you!


Also, photographers, artists and anyone else who may think they can assist on this worthy project.


Just, like send us a message dude/dudette, and we can discuss what you like to write about. Primarily though, we’d welcome articles, features, reviews and previews on all the good stuff going on in Wiltshire and the South West. What I’d like in an ideal world is for you focus on another local town, be it Swindon, Bath or all the market towns in-between, so if you’re in Marlborough write about events there, if you’re in Chips N Ham, Calne, Trow-Vegas or the Sham, let’s get some focus on the best places to see live music, eat and drink, play sports, be silly, etc. If you’re in Devizes, this is cool too, I’ve never got enough hours in the day to cover it all.


If it’s pots of cash you’re after I can’t help at the moment, we’re a new thang, struggling to get it together. But we are growing like a beer belly, and I’d like to look to creating a paper version of Devizine, a freely distributed magazine funded by advertising. So there is a silver lining, and when we get there, as a regular contributor, you’ll be the first to dig your hand in the money bag.


You can use your contributions as a portfolio for prospective writing jobs, they will be your property and you’ll retain the rights. I only reserve the right to amend the articles as I see fit, so even if you think you’re not articulate enough, just attending events and gigs would be good, write out your report and I can amend it; simples. You will also be able to blag freebies, music to review, gig tickets, books, and perhaps a nice meal once in a while. You will also be meeting with fascinating local people; try to be nice is all I ask! Oh, and be yourself, be individual!

be indiv
Be Individual!

So, get in touch and get involved, before we get shut down! Email

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