Bands Directory D-F

Key: AC- Acoustic ALT- Alternative    BL – Blues   C –Covers   CO – Country   DB- Drum n Bass   FK – Funk   FO – Folk   GA- Garage   GO – Gothic    GR – Grunge    HH – Hip Hop  HU – Humour   IND – Indie/Britpop   JZ – Jazz    MET – Metal   MOD – Scooter/Mod   POP – Pop   PK – Punk    REG – Reggae   RnR – Rock n Roll   RK – Rock    RO – Roots   RnB – Rhythm & Blues   SO – Soul    SK – Ska/Rock Steady   SY- Synth-pop   TA – tribute act.


Danny & The Randoms – RK/SO/POP/C: High-energy 4-piece covers band, tunes from the 1960s to the present day. Loc: Swindon/Devizes.

Danger Mouse – Rk/IND/SO/REG/Sk/PK/C: 3-piece cover band. Loc: Cirencester.

Damm! (Dan and Macca Music) – RK/POP/IND: duo. Loc: Swindon.

Dark Horse – RK/C: 5 Piece classic rock covers. Loc: Swindon, Malmesbury, Cheltenham.

Darren Hunt – RK/C: High-energy rock solo guitarist. Loc: Swindon.

Day Breakers – RK/FO/PK/C: 4-piece, classic folk/punk rock covers Loc: Swindon.

Daydream Runaways – RK/IND: 4-piece:

Destination Groove – SO/FK/C: 6-piece soul, funk function band. Loc: Devizes.

Dirt Road Diary – CO/RK: 4-piece. Loc: Hampshire.

The Dirty Earth Band – RK: 3-piece. Loc: Witney.

The Dirty Smooth – RK/POP/FK: LOc: Swindon Home – The Dirty Smooth

Down & Dirty – RK/C: 4-piece. Loc: Swindon.

Drew Bryant – RK/AC: solo guitarist. Loc: Swindon.

Duke Box – RK/SO/CO/JZ: 5-piece. Loc: Warminster.

Dusk Brothers – CO/BL: duo. Loc: Bristol.


Emergency Banter – RK/C: high-energy 5 piece. Loc: Swindon/Carterton.

Elles Bailey – CO/BL/AC: soloist. Loc: Bristol.

El Toro – RK/POP/C: Loc: Bath.

Evolution Band – RK/C: Loc: Swindon.

The Erin Bardwell Collective: REG/SK: Various, rock steady originals and covers. Loc: Swindon.


Fake Walnut Dash – FK/BL: Super-shoop funk blues. Loc: Swindon/Bristol/Devizes.

Female of the Species – RK/SO/SK/FK/C: All-female supergroup. Loc: Frome/Trowbridge/Melksham.

Folk Lift Truck – FO/RK: 5-piece rockgrass. Loc: Bath.

Fracture – RK: Loc: Oxford.

Funked Up – FK/POP/C: duo. Loc: Trowbridge.


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If I missed you out and you’d like to appear on this list, just send us a message and we’ll be happy to add you, there is no fee. All I ask is that you are either local, or willing to travel to Wiltshire to perform. Alternatively, if you’re listed here and do not want to be, have just broken up or retired, please let me know.

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