Bands Directory U-Z

Key: AC- Acoustic   ALT- Alternative   BL – Blues   C –Covers   CO – Country   DB- Drum n Bass   FK – Funk   FO – Folk   GA- Garage   GO – Gothic   GR – Grunge   HH – Hip Hop   HU – Humour   IND – Indie/Britpop    JZ – Jazz    MET – Metal   MOD – Scooter/Mod    POP – Pop PK – Punk    REG – Reggae    RnR – Rock n Roll    RK – Rock   RO – Roots   RnB – Rhythm & Blues    SO – Soul   SK – Ska/Rock Steady   SY- Synth-pop   TA – tribute act.


The Ukey D’Ukes – FO/RK: 8-piece.

Urban Lions – REG: 8-piece reggae/dub collective. Loc: Wiltshire.

Usual Suspects – RK/POP/C: 5-piece function band. Loc: West Midlands.


Vince Bell – AC/RK: Solo artist. Loc: Devizes.

Voodoo Penguins – RnR/C: Loc: Didcot.


Wade Merritt – AC/RK: Solo artist. Loc: Wiltshire.

The Weller Acoustic Project – TA/RK/MOD/AC: Duo.

The What-4’s – POP/C: Fuction band Loc: Wiltshire.

Wing & A Prayer – AC: 3-piece. Loc: Swindon.


Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band – SK/REG: 9-piece. Loc: Bristol.


The Zoots – RK/POP/MOD: 6-piece. Loc: Marlborough.


To performers, please check I’ve listed you here, and got my facts and links correct; if not message me. If you’d like to highlight your presence with a logo/banner/ad or maybe a Youtube link, please send it my way. All I ask is you make a donation to the site, whatever you can afford/think it’s worth! See here to donate via Paypal: http://www.devizine/about

If I missed you out and you’d like to appear on this list, just send us a message and we’ll be happy to add you, there is no fee. All I ask is that you are either local, or willing to travel to Wiltshire to perform. Alternatively, if you’re listed here and do not want to be, have just broken up or retired, please let me know.

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