Gallery: Stew Simpson

Stew Simpson is known as an English Singer/songwriter from Northumbrian/Cumbrian (UK) Folk Rock band Hadrian’s Union. Stew is less known for his work in fine art, acting, traditional acapella folk singing from the North East of England, his youtube channel on cooking (Mouthful of Stew) and coming later in 2019 his work on children’s literature, his first ever book ‘ Jemimah and the Black Unicorn’.
He has released 3 Albums with Hadrian’s Union, 2 solo albums, and a limited edition EP. For more information on Stew’s new album ‘Milk Man Son’ please follow the link to the Music .
The last Hadrian’s Union album ‘Aural Borderalis’ was released to critical acclaim.

Bought to our attention by a commission from the Southgate Devizes, I’m sure you’ll recognise the subject matter of our featured image, here’s some more of Stew’s work.


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