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Oh hey there, do you have an event on, or have a new local business which needs some promotion? Have you an obscene quote from a graphic designer to select you a font and bodge a squiggly line underneath it? Yeah, right; they don’t come cheap.

Here at Devizine I pride myself with the fact we can offer you the whole package, and all you have to do is let me know your needs. I may not have an honouree degree in design, but unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’d have spotted my cartoons and posters around Devizes I’m certain; you too could benefit from my good nature and note, I’m only in it for some beer money!

Yeah, I’ve done event posters, logos, signposts, shops, corporate  identities, book design, the lot!

I can design you a poster for as little as a tenner, often I’m only after a freebie ticket if it’s an event i take a fancy to, and it’s only slightly more if you require a cartoon illustration.

But hey, they’re worth it. Spending just this small amount will also mean it’s promoted here on our site, added to our home page and articles and spread like wildfire over the social networks. If you’re not really into using Facebook and Twitter and all that kind of stuff, I’ll also create event pages via the Devizine site, share and plug them till the cows come home.

I work closely with charities and schools to offer them free design and promotion, wherever possible. If you run such an organisation, don’t take heed of my beer money blag, we can work together without charge.

So here follows some of my previous work, you may see some you recognise. Please get in touch to brighten up promoting your event, business, organisation or charity; I don’t bite. Well, not hard anyway.


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