Devizes Scooter Club in Full Fling

Northern Soul aficionados from far and wide mingled with Devizes natives for an evening of cheongsam dresses, two-tone suits and quality northern soul on the talcum powdered dancefloor of the overflowing Conservative Club last night.


Trilby hats off to the Devizes Scooter Club for, yet again, hosting a soultastic gala and bringing musical diversity to the town. With eminent countrywide DJ Terry Hendrick and assistant Paul at the controls, attendees were treated to a plethora of sixties archetypal soul, ranging from the rare groove of northern soul to Motown and Atlantic classics, momentarily bordering on rock steady and garage, but winding back to soul swiftly.




There were some interesting records spun from Terry’s vast vinyl assortment, but definitive sounds of the genre mandatorily stirred bar hanger-on to seated individual to chance the dancefloor by the evening’s peak. Only leaving one burning question, what other tricks have the Scooter Club got up their sleeve?


Perhaps not so specialised, but favourably blithe, the forthcoming event is a 70s & 80s Disco, with optional fancy dress. Again it’s at The Cons Club, on the 31st March. There’s also a fundraising barbeque on 21st July, but in the middle of these I’m eager to catch Bad Manners tribute, The Special Brew on 28th April.


Nice poster guys, whoever designed that surely deserves a pint!

Other than another hairdryer attendance at Carnival, and frequent scooter rides outs for club members, impending dates further in time than these have yet to be confirmed, but it looks like we’re heading full steam towards the anticipated Devizes Scooter Rally in next summer; more details on that coming very soon, for now, I need a little lie down!


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