Devizes Secret Agent, Shagger Bond, stars in Dr No Free Parking Here






Ah, Mr Bond, Devizes businessman I understand? I appreciate you taking the time to visit us here at Wiltshire Council. 
Being I intend to have you pushed into a shark pool situated underneath Wagamama, I can reveal our evil plan.
You see Mr Bond, our extortionate parking charges increase has become somewhat of a heated debate locally. So I have proposed lots of free parking right here in our county town.
Your people will now be able to take full advantage of our facilities, they will flock here Mr Bond, and shop till they drop, watch movies at our plush new plastic multiplex and fill the surrounding commercialised chain restaurants; after all, development doesn’t come cheap.
As for your pathetic little market town, alas it is doomed, no one will pay to park, business will wither and die, just like you! Goodbye Mr Bond; mwha hahaha!

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