Poldark Not Worthy Meeting the Wiltshire Boy


See, I got to chase up that Wiltshire Boy for an article these days, now he’s hob-knobbing with celebrities and superstars like Poldark, and erm, Poldark. Those hedges won’t cut themselves yer know Wiltshire Boy…… blardy get arn wif it yer ganderflanker ewe.


Busy hedge cutting at home and along comes Ross Poldark and says “I love your beard! Are you #thewiltshireboy? I follow your Facebook page ‘The Wiltshire Boy’ !!!! Any chance of a selfie with you????”

I said “I am a little busy pal but you seem like a nice guy so why not, the hedge-cutting can wait!!

So, now his moment in the spotlight is done and dusted, when can we expect more, I mean where is The Wiltshire Boy now? Hard at it?

wilthsire boy

I’m starting a JustGiving page to ‘clear my 6-month bar tab, please give to this fantastic charity, this is so close to my heart, and means so much to me, THANKYOU !! and please give generously, big love.

So go on, give The Wiltshire Boy a “like” on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ollycoles78/ – after all, it’s hardly likely to make him more big headed than is he right now. I dunno, Poldark, whoever next, Peter bleedin’ Dinklage? A few more pints and there’ll be game in the throne.


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