Don’t be alone in Devizes this Christmas

Hey you, just a quick one from me today; busy as a busy thing being busy. In some way or another I’ve reported on this piece of Christmas magic last year, more elaborately, but it’s worth mentioning again, each time Christmas comes around. For yet another year there is no need to be alone on Christmas Day in Devizes, thanks to Jeannette Von Berg, Pam Sloane, the team at Sheep Street Baptist Church and, not forgetting, the kindness of all who commented on Jeannette’s post on The Devizes Issue, offering donations and assistance.

It really is touching and in the spirit of the season that they provide a free three-course Christmas dinner from 1pm Christmas Day, where children are welcome and transport can be provided if required.

Maybe, being our little site is all about events, music and so forth, that this message will not reach many of those who need to read it, but nevertheless I’m putting this up so it reaches ones who may know of someone left alone. Please, if you do, pass it on, and let’s have a great Christmas for all. If you, or someone you know would like to go, or if you can offer your time to help in any way, telephone Pam Sloane on (01380) 720186 or 07941 161070.





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