Sound Affect Sunday at The Southgate

Another excellent Sunday afternoon session at the Southgate breezed through with the remarkable resonances of Cath and Gouldy, aka Sound Affects; I can see a Sunday pint down the little yellow painted house of music becoming a thing for me.

For if you haven’t motivated yourself out of the home for a Friday or Saturday evening, note The Southgate will still entertain you on the weekend’s finale. Not a great deal to say of this gig though, we’ve given a lot of coverage of Sound Affects and their group, The Day Breakers, yet it’s all fully deserved.


Always able to rouse a crowd of any proportion with just guitar, fiddle and charm, they rambled through their repertoire of classic uplifting, toe-tapping numbers; of retro pop, Irish folk and a small selection of their brilliant original tunes. They’ll try sell you a CD without any pressure, of which I’ve reviewed here, but if you’ve no, nay, never taken heed of previous recommendations about Sound Affects on Devizine, do look out for them in future.


Always a pleasure to hear you guys, and keep up the good work Deborah and Dave, guarding Southgate from a possible invasion of boring Sundays!


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