Who you Gonna Call? Spirit Team!

Dark night in the early nineties, abandoned airfield near Ramsbury, a couple of crazy kids getting up to no good, that’s all I’m going to say; you don’t want me to waffle with another abstruse reminiscence, but just to say, we both saw something that night, I swear; something I couldn’t explain and still cannot until this day.

If I contemplate doubt about ghosts, this memory will wobble my conscious, make me reconsider my scepticism. As many, I’m sure, I figure best not be concerned until Halloween, yet a thrill runs through as all at the thought of chasing ghosts, and this week I was talking to Kelly Chalke who heads a local team who do.


The Spirit Team, based in Easterton, investigate spiritual paranormal occurrences all over the UK, and they’re are on the hunt for locations to film investigations. Potentially some great free publicity for businesses, they usually require two-day filming set at a mutually convenient time. Not necessarily consecutive days as one will be for main production filming, e.g. interviews, and general filming while the second for the actual filmed investigation.

“We do like to have at least two people happy to be interviewed for the show if possible,” Kelly explained, “people willing to participate must sign a talent release form and we will require a location permit from venue owner or whoever else may have permission to grant us filming.”

Fully insured and happy to provide references of previous locations they’ve filmed, if required; what better way, other than calling Spengler, Stantz and Venkman, then to explain baffling goings on in your home or place of work? My kitchen cupboards mysteriously empty overnight, although I do have one of those teenager things.

This sounds fun, I asked Kelly, “has any TV production companies been interested?”

“We’ve had some TV companies looking but not yet got a deal, but obviously we are already on Amazon Prime, we are producing our next series and will not put on Amazon until pilots have been sent to relevant TV channels.”


So, the first series of films, titled “Ghost Response – Haunted UK,” is available on Amazon Prime, where the team are joined by fellow investigators, in search of paranormal existence using various methods and techniques to aid in their quest for the truth. The Spirit Team website explains, “we aim to seek proof of paranormal existence by using modern technology including EVP recorders, EMF detectors, Full spectrum camcorders and more.” But it’s like discovering the Loch Ness Monster isn’t it, wouldn’t proving ghosts be the end to mystery, which is surely the exciting part of it?

The first episode is with Ray Jorden from Haunting Australia, on location at a 16th century mill in Wiltshire. The series of ten takes us through a Bristol gothic mansion, to The Radstock Hotel and from Derby Gaols, to, of course, The Bear Hotel in Devizes.
“The Spirit team has been running almost two years,” Kelly continued, “we are a group of five, each with different beliefs and views of the paranormal.”



“Cool,” I replied, “is one of you a Great Dane, perchance?”
“No,” she giggled, “but we have a team member that looks like Shaggy!” Now I’m on the website, does she mean Dave, Frazer or Sammy?! Not sure but I have spoken to the other female of the team in the past, Selina Wright of Paranormal Wiltshire. I am sorry Selina, you’ve mentioned The Spirit Team and Paranormal Wiltshire to me in past, but it’s kind of vanished from my inbox; is there a mystery there, or just procrastination?!

I think I was awaiting Halloween, and intended to write a piece then; my “to-do-list” is like a lost scroll. Anyway, now is a good to bring it up as along with regular sell-out ghost walks, The Spirit Team, with locally renowned ghost expert, John Griven of The Wiltshire Museum present an evening with Richard Felix of TV’s Most Haunted, right here at Devizes Town Hall on 13th July. Tickets are a purple one, and from the team’s website.


While I’m here, plugging other things, if the paranormal interests you, I did knock out a short story called “Blindfold,” a while ago, an eBook to download here, tells the story of a scientist who attempts to prove ghosts are a figment of the imagination, but discovers more than he bargained for. Have a read, knock yourself out!



Seems there’s a lot of local interest in the paranormal recently though, the Facebook group Haunted Devizes notched up over 400 members, and may be a good place to start your own ghostly quest. But one thing is for sure, ghosts aren’t safe here; who you gonna call?





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