Junglist Lamb!

The Lamb in Devizes was shaken up last night, as Vinyl Realm staged its second drum n bass gathering, and I felt impelled to go rollin’…


So, I’m at the Lamb, where through all trends of our thriving pub culture, these old walls have stood the test of time and multiple fond memories remain. I only prayed the walls would now withstand an invasion of bass.

I took the opportunity to have a quick word with Pewsey drum n bass DJ, Harry B, as we’ve been chatting online, when a guy young enough to be my son commended my senior efforts on the dance floor. Hush up child, I told Pete of Vinyl Realm I was only popping up to take a photo for a review!

For advertised as being something for the younger generation to enjoy, Vinyl Realm staged its second drum n bass night at the Lamb, and this could’ve, potentially, gone wrong for me. I could’ve been subjected to a barrage of ageist insults, having stressed in jest in the preview, “oi, what about us old skool ravers?!”


Yet never was I made to feel unwelcome, never once did I detect a snigger, “look at that old fart giving it some!” And for that, dolloped on top of the preponderance of awesome jungle vibes, the night gave me happy sensations reflecting that a time of yore never faded; the rave era cherished the no borders or stereotyping ethos, everyone was welcome to dance alongside each other in “sweet harmony.”

Certain I did reply, “showing you young-uns how it’s done!” I tried to keep Uncle Albert moments at bay, and if some slipped out in banter, the receivers of my mumbling actually seemed attentive; crazy fools! Yet really, I’m here to celebrate what I feel is a perfect filling of a gap in the market of events in Devizes, and at last, someone catering for the twenty-somethings.


Sure, maybe a niche, my one question to Harry and original “needs more attention” angle of my piece ruined, as time passed and the once rather void Fold started to fill rather rapidly. For accomplished DJ, Harry, is not averse to playing a large crowd in venues like Bournemouth clubs for example, I wondered how he felt when only four people stood on the other side of the decks.

A lap of Spoons, promoting the event word-of-mouth seemed to do the trick, there must be a quantity there itching for something to drag them kicking and screaming from the cheap drinks of this McDonalds of pubs. That then is precisely my point, hats off to the organisers for providing this target audience a place to gather and dance in a safe environment.


Harry B, of Gyro Records was joined by James Threfall of Mini Rig and Rappo B2B Retrospect, but which way round they appeared I’m unsure, what impressed me was diversity, while Harry’s fresh hi-hat to rollers style gave way to the second DJ, who opened with bhangra-inspired beats, to the delight of the crowd.


Aware what I deem drum n bass of the nineties has meandered to multiple offshoots, I worried beforehand I might be subject to dubstep or another fashioned genre. Yet I felt the drum n bass had advanced only enough to sustain my curiosity, but not distract my association with it, and though the crowd were younger, to my surprise their outgoing and pleasant banter remained firmly in the spirit of the genre.

Plus, added bonus, I got to shake my funky booty to something other than the contemporary norm in the Vizes without pretence or negativity; blinding effort!
Here’s to many more, in fact it continues tonight, albeit a more house vibe, with Shaun Ashley of Rapture Records, Morgosis and Rappo again, at the controls. Lob them a fiver at the door and you’re in.


Adverts & That!

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