Happy Gypsy Birthday Blood!

Some years ago, I walked into the Moonrakers, keen to hear a young singer called Tamsin Quin perform. It was a time when I had reservations about the rant column I was writing for Index; Wiltshire. While popular, and mostly when I did rant on a subject, I tended to become more interested in highlighting the positive things about Devizes.

Devizine born from this notion, but not before I heard our Tammy sing, as while it made me a fan of her music, it also opened me up to our local music scene. Our first post outside reposting the No Surprises Living in Devizes column, was the crowdfunding campaign for Tamsin to produce an album.

The album, Gypsy Blood now celebrates it’s first birthday. Check our review here, a year ago. Just a quick one from me them, to say a big happy birthday to Gypsy Blood, and advise you to follow this event, which celebrates the occasion with a live stream of Tamsin performing the album, and all from the comfort of your armchair; the show starts at 8PM: https://www.facebook.com/events/2036120543358867/

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