Spider-Milk-Man to the Rescue

Last workday today dressed in my civilian clothes, tomorrow I transform into Spiderman; don’t get the overexcited, it’s just a onesie! I could claim Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s 1962 magnum opus superhero was aptly selected for its pioneering adolescent protagonist role, its dealings with themes of inadequacy, and loneliness, as being milkman can be a solitary shift, and I’m quite young, honest! But no, its just that’s the onesie I got from the kids one Christmas past.

I don’t wear it, hardly, only upon my return home from a rainy day when I’m soaked. This Friday though, with an unfortunate forecast of rain, it may be the onesie that’s soaked. Still, I cannot see reason to postpone it unless all hell breaks loose weather-wise. Friday is also ideal, as you know how it is on that day, people just want to make a break for it in their car, get to work and do their time; last thing they need is Spiderman holding them up in a milk-float! Friday is the day I get the highest number of disgruntled drivers yelling abuse at me; let’s see how those Green Goblins deal with the web-slinger!

The idea to this was toyed in my mind for a while now, and when Lucy Chillery-Watson sent Devizine an event poster she needed sharing, we did, but I wanted to do more. We’ve done a few charity gigs, and summer is a full calendar, so here’s something rather different, quirky and fun. I hoped it’d capture some attention, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response.


So, I’m delighted to announce, on my last check, together with online donations and the wonderful customers on my round,

we have raised £1,095 to date!

This is absolutely incredible, proper chuffed I am with this, which has more than doubled any fundraiser we’ve had on Devizine. It really proves to me that this is more than an event guide, shaping the way I envisioned, it really can be a community media product and do some good work.

You can still donate here!

Yet, as well as our exceptionally kind and generous customers at Planks Dairies, and everyone who has donated online too, I have to thank other media resources who have gathered around this to help. Joanne of the Gazette & Herald, Emma and George at Fantasy Radio, and I believe I still need to call back Richard at BBC Wiltshire Sound too. Even Claire Perry, despite often being the butt of the joke here on Devizine, has shown she’s a sport and retweeted our campaign!

I’m sure we’ll have some photos, and I will try to make a video stream onto our Facebook page at intervals throughout the morning. Please come out and laugh, I mean cheer. I’ll also stop outside the Bear Hotel, if I see some of you chanting! It’s impossible for me to give an exact time, but I’d estimate about 9:45-10am.

Somewhere between Woodbrough and Bottlesford I may meet my nemesis, Wonder Woman. The most heart-warming part will be Carmela and Lucy joining me for the final stage of my shift, fusing the Marvel and DC universes with undoubtably cataclysmic consequences!

Here’s a message then, from the real superhero:

My only concern is after tomorrow, life goes back to normal, but I hope I’ve made a five-year-old friend; Carmela is such a little fighter, who always has a smile. There’s far more daring, courageous and vigorous fundraising attempts happening to help, including her Dad, Darren, who’s in training for the London Marathon 2020; rather you than me, Darren! Click here for more details.


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