Phil, a Slight Band and a Southgate

Quick pint before Sunday dinner, and where (roast pork and crackling, yes thank you, it was) better than our dependable Southgate? The live music board is jammed with some great future gigs. We will keep you informed too; you know we will. This Sunday session though comes from Trowbridge’s singer-songwriter Phil Cooper, backed by his Slight Band, namely returning original Jack Moore on drums and Phil’s brother Ellis Cooper on bass; both accompanying vocals.


Perhaps it’s my autumn lack of enthusiasm to hike up Dunkirk Hill recently, the inability to witness some of Devizes’ live music scene left me craving, or, more than likely, Phil has polished the live act, as in my humble opinion they simply knocked it out of the park, or pub at the least. My account also propped by the notion I’ve only ever seen Phil play live acoustically, faired by Jamie on Cajon, and the backing band really gives him that extra dynamism. Yep, they gave it their all, and came across professional while residentially convivial. It was a comfy atmosphere, as is the Southgate on all occasions.

I arrived one song prior to a well-deserved doughnut break for Jack, when the egg shakers came out and the second half rang through one of my favourites of Phil’s, Road Songs. Yet Phil is so prolific an artist there’s many accomplished songs I haven’t heard, the gig planned to dig into the back catalogue a bit, but there’s probably a couple of new ones knocked out while I write this……hold on, check the book of face…… yep, told you; his electronica sidearm BCC has an armistice day release with Tamsin Quin on vocals! See this here Spotify link.


Ah good on them, it was an enjoyable gig, particularly poignant was the quasi-political I Don’t Have A Voice, about as radical as Phil gets, subject matter usually retained for emotions and social interactions. I apologise for avidly eyeing your doughnut like a famished Victorian street urchin, Jack, let it be known I had cheesecake waiting at home.

See here, next Friday is Peter Lamb’s Blues Reviewed, I’m looking forward to some twisted folky-blues skulduggery on Saturday with Frome’s Backwood Redeemers, and Sunday bluesman Thompson Smurthwaite gets on his harmonica. Blow the man down, do they ever come up for air?

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