Fox Hunters Ignore Restrictions For Boxing Day Hunts

You’d be excused for thinking COVID19 restrictions would mean a peaceful Boxing day in Britain’s countryside. Unfortunately while townsfolk and villagers might not have seen them blatantly displaying their pomposity and cruelty with the usual parade through the streets, some still shamelessly ignored the regulations and went ahead and hunted anyway.

The Country Alliance website doesn’t hold its head in shame, freely admitting with pride hunts occured up and down the country, stating “activities on Boxing Day remained much the same as they have done all season.”

Wiltshire Hunt Sabs said, “many hunts have had to cancel their planned meets, and Boxing Day parades through village or town centres as a result of Covid. 

Many of them simply decided to make alternative meets away from the usual crowds of cap doffing sycophants, including the Avon Vale.”

Though there’s some light at the end of the tunnel, Swedish billionaire and owner of H&M Stefan Persson, who owns Ramsbury Estates covering 19,000 acres across Wiltshire and Hampshire stopped allowing hunts on the estates at the beginning of the month.

The sabs agree the land upon which hunts are allowed to meet is becoming somewhat smaller, “thanks not just to Covid but also because of the leaked webinars which has seen many landowners withdraw permission for hunts to hunt on their land.”

The landowner of Crown Estate still permits hunts on its land. Recently sabs from Wiltshire and Bath sabbed a meet of the Avon Vale Hunt. The sabs claim “a subsequent assault by the Huntmaster and his friend on two sabs,” occured during the day, as they walked along a public footpath across a field.

The sickening loopholes must be closed, and police should act, as the trail hunt is proved to be a “smokescreen” for illegal hunting. We live in the country, we know it happens, the Countryside Alliance has little to do with any other rural issue, else it would focus also on rural poverty, racism and social isolation due to the pandemic which elderly folk are suffering in our villages, least spare a thought for them over the season of goodwill.

But no, they have to risk virus spreading to fulfil their passion for bloodsport, and in attacking anyone who might be offended by it, surely proving their barbarism, yes? But with a clown prime minster who’s only response to the issue being it gives him a boner, what chance does the fox have, really?

Another twisted Boxing day in the countryside …


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