Party For Life Organises Suicide Prevention Gig in Melksham

Over 6,000 suicides were reported in 2020 in the UK, while marginally less than the previous year, statistics are based on suicide registration, which can take a year or more for statistical agencies to register them. Therefore, 2020 suicide data doesn’t necessarily reflect suicides during the coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of the maths, as that was never my forte, I know one thing; it’s too many.…..

World Suicide Prevention Day is annually recognised on 10th September, organisations and communities around the world come together to raise awareness of how we can create a world where fewer people die by suicide.

Today I spoke with Clare from Trowbridge, who lost her brother to suicide. “I want to do something super positive in Wiltshire that brings communities together through live music,” she explained, “in a bid to get people talking about prevention of future suicide. With my awareness, passion and commitment I will campaign locally and promote the series of events as a celebration of life.”

Tickets have gone on sale for Clare’s event, at the Sky Bar of Melksham Town’s Football Stadium, for 10th September. Under the banner Party For Life, Liam Bennett, aka DJ Rocks kicks off the party at 5pm. Our good friends The Roughcut Rebels play the first set, Wiltshire’s popular blues-rock and sometimes a bit of reggae covers band Blind Lemon Experience follow, and Bristol’s funky soul collective The Soul Strutters headline this extravaganza.

No stranger to organising fundraising events, Clare started Party For Life in 2009, raising funds for Cancer Research and the RUH Bath Cancer Care Centre. And it was revived in 2015 supporting the same charities. This time around the focus is understandably on suicide prevention, and we wish them all the best for what sounds like a great night, for a great cause.

Using the hashtag #STAY, Party For Life is hoping to make this a series of events, “because,” Clare explained, “those impacted by suicide have one big wish…that their loved ones #STAY another day.” Like their Facebook page for details. Tickets are £25, book via email to: or by Text: 07786 344 553.


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