Free Afro-Beat, Cumbia and Funk Mix!

If you saw and read my insane ramblings yesterday concerning my experiments in WordPress, ah, forget it. Wasn’t it the great philosopher Homer Simpson who once said, “Kids, you tried your best, and you failed miserably; the lesson is never to try?!”

If we are to run a podcast series it is something you would need to pay a monthly subscription for, therefore it will take a higher tog of beanie thinking cap. Not ruling it out, but for now, the DJ mix I tried to punt to you for a quid to Carmela’s fundraising didn’t function as I hoped it would. Therefore, there’s a lot of therefores in this article, but more importantly we’ll conjure up a different fundraiser as soon as possible, even if it means getting my Spiderman onesie out of the washing basket!

All’s fair in love and war, here’s the mix, you can have it for free; think of it as my Christmas present to you all. Don’t ask for anything else, that’s it; bar humbug. You can listen online, or click the three little dots and download it. Enjoy!

FREE Halloween eBook!

Halloween, Mwhahahaha! If you’re not venturing out tonight, armed with a sugared-up face-painted youngster, lucky you! Perhaps you’d like to lounge on the sofa with a scary story. Here’s one I wrote, back when I wrote stories and Devizine didn’t occupy my every waking minute!

Wrote in 2016, only a novelette size, but creepy enough. Blindfold is the telling, first person, of a professor of science, now in a care home, and his story of how he got there.

“Ghosts are a figment of the imagination, we proved it here today.”

If you’ve an ereader or tablet you can download the book here at Smashwords. If you buy it, use this code XG89W and it will be free! Happy Halloween!