I could take the long route round and waffle on about how refreshingly good Tamsin Quin is, but if you’ve roamed the Devizes music scene you’d know this already. Plus, I’ve mentioned her on the No Surprises column enough, so get with it!

Supplying us with sublime acoustic, self-written songs, and often bursting into classics in her unique style, Tamsin has fast become one to watch, but now she’s asking for your help to raise funds via the crowd-funder website for an album.


“I’ve been writing and performing for the last five years,” Tamsin pledges, “but over the last year or so, songs have been coming out of my ears! My music has really evolved, grownup and I feel really ready to record my first full-length studio album and present these new songs to you in the best way possible.”

Planning five days of recording at Earthworm Amber Recording Studios, with producer Jon Buckett, she aims to record ten to twelve songs and offers some interesting and fun gifts to people who donate, starting from a download of the album for a mere fiver, to private sessions, the chance to “hang-out” together and write some songs, to the more obvious wooden spoon-carving workshop!

We’ve mentioned Crowd-funder on No Surprises before, its worked for Richie Triangle with his new album and I’ve covered Larkin’s prospective album project. When I go back to my youth, (not as long ago as you might think, whippersnapper!) manually cutting and pasting zines with scissors and Pritt-Stick, standing in the rain trying to flog them to unsuspecting suckers; I loved every minute of that DIY culture; the sense that you were making something without the restraints of a publishing company leering over you.


Me, selling zines in the street.

But it wasn’t without its drawbacks; funding and distribution being generally awful. I’d collect three quid or so from a shop and return to my car to find a parking ticket! I reckon sites like Crowd-funder are a blessing to diversity and DIY culture, as opposed to making a fool of yourself under the beady-eye of Simon Cowell, youth can do their own thing and create avenues for their art. This opens opportunity and, while its no easy path to tread, creates a multiplicity of aptitude.

I’ll admit, I’d have gone crazy if we had such a thing back then, I’d be crowdfunding for a photocopier, crowdfunding for a word processor and even crowdfunding for a pint! But young- ‘uns today have got their heads screwed on, obtain a goal and go for it; I like this.
So, please help Tamsin if you can, as she says, “I feel mega-lucky for the support of really loyal followers that have built up over the years and I’d LOVE for you all to be involved in creating this album with me!”





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