The Great Bubble Conflict of Rowde, 2017

Kids playing football, dressed as footballs could be the hilarious component missing from many a children’s birthday party. Bubble Warz, a Calne based event organisation, who are so cool it’s not worth correcting my spellchecker for, has it covered.

What to do with your youngster who’s  above the age for soft play centres but not old enough to be clubbing the night away? Let Bubble Warz drive down in their van, inflate a load of human-sized balls and take your party off for the most bizarre and original activity I’ve seen. It allows you time to stand back and laugh out loud, as the nippers clamber inside the core of the transparent ball, harness up, brace themselves and roll off; it’s a hysterical sight to behold.


For my football-fanatical daughter, it was the ideal choice. The only part of the person outside of the ball is their legs, so they started off with a practice, running, leaping forwards and tucking their legs in so the ball rolls. Then, it was onto a knockout sumo wrestling contest, followed by a football match with side-splitting consequences, and finally, giant foam skittles were bought out and, well, I’ll let you guess the rest.

An occasion reminiscent of “It’s A Knockout,” Bubble Warz provided us with an original and highly amusing party, the staff were friendly and great with the kids. You only need to sort a location, a large garden or school field will do, and some food for afterwards, as our group were famished grass-covered gremlins afterwards. Bubble Warz did bring a crate of water bottles and insured the kids stopped for a break.

I’d recommend this for children from six to sixty, oh yeah, they have adult-sized balls too, if you’ll pardon the expression. It’s ideal for so-called grownups on a stag or hen night. Not for me though, I’m far too mature, and if you tried to force me inside one, I’d tell my mum.


Check their website for more details: Click here.

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