Lottie Jenkins Set to Entertain Times Square

Marland Music Management sure are devoted to bringing us some great local talent, but I was particularly fascinated by a gig at Times Square happening next Friday (22nd,) by the photo of the performer; she looked so young.

Akin to moments on Cowell’s over extravagant karaoke show when a younger participant wows the audience with rare talent, upon searching YouTube I was bowled over to learn, at just 13, Swindon’s Lottie Jenkins has a mature, sublime voice, a natural ability to write her own songs and a talent for piano.



Times Square is undoubtedly the place to head Friday; don’t take my word for it, check the video.

I caught up with Lottie’s manager-mum (cos that’s what mums are for!) Debbie, who enthusiastically told me about Lottie getting through to the top ten at a Song Academy competition at Westfield in London last year, at just 12, spurring her to enter the Future Music’s Young Songwriter live showcase in Camden. She got through to the grand final and was awarded the monthly opportunity to record her songs at River Studios in Southampton.



Lottie has also been playing festivals this summer, booked at Meadowside in Whiteley, and the Netley Park Festival, among others.

She cites Amy Winehouse, Emilie Sande, Earl and One Republic as her influences, so I asked if Lottie would be covering songs, or playing her own written ones.

Debbie explained she’ll do a mixture, stressing the importance of engaging the audience with known songs. However, with tunes like the songwriter’s entry “Kiss your Old Life Away,” where the judges commented that they loved the “Elton Vibe,” and Tom Odell praised her “spiritual imagery,” I think Devizes would welcome her to play her own songs, and will be in for a treat on Friday.






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