New Year’s Eve, in this Neck of the Woods…..

2017? Yeah, bye then, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 2018 you know is gonna be shinier, funnier and darn right saucy; it’s just got that ring to it, innit tho?

So where are YOU going to be, mediating in a field of leftover Quality Street wrappers, wallowing in self-pity and taking blotto selfies with the dog, weeping into a giant bag of Twiglets on your Jack Jones? Or is there, maybe, a party with your name drunkenly etched all over it in fantabulous glitter-pen?

Well, here are all the events I’ve got down for New Year’s Eve on Devizine so far. If you know of something better and want to keep it to yourself, like the solo Twiglet eating championships happening on your sofa, then keep it to yourself, but if perchance, you know something we don’t and really, really, really-really, really want to share your occasion  (I would call it part-ay, but I’m told by cool people it’s no more a ‘cool’ term than the original ‘party’ and should  never be used in cool circles, in actual fact, party is now considered cooler than part-ay,) then, where the jumping jeepers was I?

Oh yeah, tell us all about it and I’ll, eventually, get around to mentioning it on here, probably be new year’s eve 2019, but there you go.

So it now leaves me to tell you the options, stop babbling and wish you all a very happy 2018!

Option One: Find Surprises in Devizes


The Three Crowns has the excellent People Like Us: Ticket Only, £7 from the pub in advance.

and Funked Up play The Black Horse, Devizes to be followed by a disco.

funked up

The popular Burbank are live at the Crown: Free entry for this one.


There’s a Masquerade Ball at the Exchange Nightclub, £7 for the night, with spot prizes and confetti shower.


Victoria returns to the Conservative Club with a disco too, £10 members, £13 others

DJ Ramon spins party tunes at the Southgate; free.

DJ Eddy is at the Cross Keys in Rowde; free.

Option Two: Go a tad further

Party covers band, The Magic Tones head the party at the Market Lavington Community Hall, with the stamp of the Market Lavington Music and Comedy Club, should be a good one: Tickets  £25, under 18’s £10 but includes a buffet.


Stealth’s Roadshow head a child-friendly New Year’s Eve party with music and karaoke, at the Woodborough Social Club: £10 Members, £15 Non-Members, Children £5, Includes a Ploughman’s Supper; Tickets from the club.

Bath’s The Blue Moon Band will be a safe bet at the Mallard, Lynham



Our very own Larkin boys are at The Swan in Great Shefford

Or try The Granary at The George in Frome with Lloyd Edwards live

Option Three: Head for Marlborough

The Wellington Arms on the High Street host Skanga’s sound system New Year’s Eve party for ravers, and it’s free!


Option Four: Get yourself over to Swindon town

Peloton’ play Mod, punk, sixties and seventies soul and RnB at the Victoria; free (I think.)


The Britpop Boys play the Grove’s Company Inn, £10 ticket for this one.


Marlborough’s Onyx Duo play the Rat Trap


Last Option other than the field of Quality Street wrappers: Go West

How about an unforgettable funk, soul and retro grooves takeover with Craig Charles and the  James Taylor Quartet, The Correspondents  and Don Letts @ at Colston Hall, Bristol?


Failing this, Zion have a ‘Battle of the DJs’, a live set from ‘The Road Zombies’ and a disco until the early hours. 


Whatever happens, let us know how it went and have a great new year! The first gig of 2018 is at the Red Lion Lacock on News Years Day; check out the brilliant Sound Affects.


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