Devizes Shopping Future Bright; Devizes Shopping Future is Vinyl

It’s been an age and half, so long some too young or else too new to town to recall Devizes ever having a record shop. Some might even have to Google “record shop” to discover what one is.


My youth was spent in these places, as much as an online search can open you to a multiverse of buying options and downloads and rarities and marketplaces, I miss the days of fumbling through those thin cardboard-covered slabs, bargain hunting, checking for scratches and fried chicken thumbprints. Oh, the conversation between warring fractions of varying youth cultures and battles of pop masters, wise in the ways of contemporary shifts in pop charts.


I recall “Pop-in” in Chelmsford with fondness, actively seeking a 7″ of Rio by Duran Duran, which had recently dropped off the top forty and was now tricky to locate. Amazon was still a rainforest kiddo, I had to train it to my nearest metropolis and search the racks for the only Duran Duran single the cutest girl in my class didn’t own; but presenting it to her at her birthday party scored me my first kiss. That’s how important record shops were back then, even Our Price.


Vinyl Realm, who have been an online specialist in vinyl based in Devizes has a bold and most welcome announcement; it’s to open a record shop. Talk of the town, here’s a brief post about this groovy news and a positive awakening for high street shopping in Devizes.
The shop opens on Saturday March 3rd, stocking a huge range of original vinyl along with new vinyl. They’re also an approved stockist for GPO and official band merchandise. With a fantastic range of gifts and goodies, including Bluetooth devices and incense, this is exciting times for Devizes and Vinyl Realm; Devizine wishes them all the best for this venture.


Update: Mike Barham will be in attendance, giving us a few tunes.


The location is still top secret due to a Facebook competition, vinyl junkies have been slain with the sharp edge of a cracked CD boxset for merely mumbling their suspicions! It’s due to be publicised on Saturday 24th February,  until then you can guess the forthcoming address of the new shop in Devizes, details on their Facebook page.


Devizine will be covering more on the eve of the shop officially launching, I just wanted to mention it now to get hysteria bubbling and general excitement reverberating like the foundations of my adolescent bedroom when I discovered Pink Floyd’s The Wall gatefold.



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