The Bell is on the Green again

Flipperdy-fuckeredly I can’t be forty-five, that can’t be right; doesn’t even sound right. Still, being as it was my birthday I felt obliged to pop out on a school night yesterday and it would’ve been rude not to check out the reopening of the Bell on the Green in old Devizes town; older than me I hasten to add.

Forget my archaic whinges, I like a pub to be a pub, traditional, wooden and authentic. The Bell on the Green has had more than a lick of paint, it’s positively transformed, maybe not to my cup of tea, but I have to hand it to them, it’s certainly spruced up the place and seeks to be an anchorage for twenty-somethings; a clientele prone to spending more than me, being ancient now half a shandy and I’m anyone’s, (actually that’s a tiny fib, no lonely emails please!)

The Bell on the Green has been suitably transformed to sports bar, with great enthusiasm to the punters, Wadworth have pulled it out of the bag and provided Devizes youth and sports fans with something they can treasure.


It was bustling in there from an early hour, adorned in contemporary chic décor, shiny new pool table and plasmas and even a foot-pool pitch out back, The opening of the Bell on the Green was lively and exhilarating. The fantastic People Like Us took time to tune but never failed to bring the house down with their unique take on popular covers; you can’t help but love them.

I wish them all the best, intend to park up my Zimmer-frame and drop in again soon, for it truly is a valuable asset to our fine collection of public houses, and in such a prime location; long may it live!


One thought on “The Bell is on the Green again”

  1. Not my cup of tea either but I can appreciate the effort and creativity that has gone in to the refurbishment and I can see how this might appeal to a certain target audience. Good luck guys and well done on such a. Massive and bold investment.


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