Bootlegged: Beatles Coming to Devizes

The Bootlegged Bootleg Beatles UK, vaguely definitive best tribute act to the Bootleg Beatles are set to visit Devizes, playing a mock version of the Exchange nightclub made out of old shoe boxes and blu-tac in the shed of Liam James, nightclub promoter Ian James’ lesser known looky-likey.


The news prompted lead singer with the actual Bootleg Beatles to rage. “We are the original Bootleg Beatles,” he snarled, “the tribute to tribute act scene is making a mockery of the tribute act scene; I’m so unhappy I had to tell Mick Jogger, and his dad is a black belt ninja.”


But lead singer with the Bootlegged Bootleg Beatles UK, a tribute to the Bootleg Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney announced yesterday that he, “only wanted to make some spare cash mimicking the original Bootleg Beatles.”


From a council estate in Mull of Kintyre he spoke exclusively to Devizine. “I saw them a few years ago, realised I kinda look a little bit like their front man and thought it’d be a right money spinner. I never believed for a moment the legendary tribute act would have heard of us, and been offended.”


Paul, (321) lives with his new, seventeenth wife Geri Hawiwell, who is a singer in the band WannabeUK, a tribute act to Wannabe.


“This booking is great news for my husband,” Geri told us, “he suffers with severe memory loss issues. In fact he’s quite bonkers and thinks his real name is Billy Shears, just because an old workmate of his cruelly told him so.”


Paul sits regularly in a strawberry field, saying he intends to stay there forever, pictures himself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. “When I call him in for his tea,” Geri claimed, “the flipping lost-it case says I’ve got kaleidoscope eyes.”


Paul even suggested that if the original Bootleg Beatles singer really didn’t like him, he has created a time machine out of an old submarine, which he painted yellow, and will travel back to 1963 and continue his singing career there.


Another tribute act to the Bootleg Beatles formed some time ago, but their lead singer, Liam Gallagher, was unavailable for comment.


The Bootlegged Bootleg Beatles UK are set to play the Exchangers in Bishops Cannings, a village close to Devizes which thinks it is Devizes and owns the Moonraker folklore fable, on April 1st 2019. Until then, have a good April Fools Day today.

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