An Apology to the Previous Owners of the Southgate Inn, Devizes

Here at Devizine I pride myself with the ethos that I refuse to butter things up and intend to present our readers with critical reportage, there’s no point in flattering issues for this would become tedious and inane. Naturally it’s inevitable mistakes will be made from time to time. Until now I feel I’ve made every precaution to avoid them and this has worked well. However yesterday I published an article concerning the new owners of the Southgate Inn in Devizes, and their quest to bring a varied election of local, live music to the town.


Please read the article here, on which I have made notes of amendments. And if you do read it and don’t see the amendment notes, it’s because you’re very quick and it’s my next job on the list!

The focus was on the present and the future of the pub, but in doing so it seems I made a stinking whopping failure on reporting the past. This was due to some poor research on my part and for which I sincerely apologise to the previous owners, Ian and Sarah Wixon. I have been in communication with the couple, and sent a more personal apology direct to them.

For it seems I was misguided as to their reasoning for leaving the pub, evident the brewery’s failure to agree on financial arrangements for due repairs and renovations for the property was the main concern and reason for the end to their management of the Southgate, and not for the reasons stated in the article.

So the accusation that the previous owners had “lost interest,” could not have been further from the truth; Ian and Sarah took a great deal of time and dedication to the Southgate, and created a much loved ambience and pleasurable experience for its customers. Many people have responded on social media to express the fault in this report and it has been noted that when the brewery expected the landlord to pay the full cost of the repairs, Ian and Sarah offered to purchase the pub but the brewery refused; this point I feel highlights their dedication. It also proves my error.

This said I am so sorry to all this article has affected, and can assure you it was not my intention and a bad oversee on my part. While tabloids have a whole department to deal with the constant errors they make, it’s a learning curve for me; as much as I’d like to fire an entire line of middle management from Devizine Towers over this matter, it is just me, my pipe and slippers!

Think I might just take to reviewing “titty-bars” from hence forth, with a more valid reason for being distracted! Seriously though, I thank all who have set me straight on the issue, and assure you it was not made with bad intentions or malice.


With this notice I pledge to research fully in future, and endeavour to continue bringing a lively, informative and entertaining alternative to mainstream media to the local area. I know many of you enjoy it, and that the audience is constantly growing. Where we go from here I don’t know, but fully intend to dedicate myself to the project. So it gives me great grief to have made this, what is best described as a “monumental cock-up.”


I think this a valid opportunity to thank you all for reading and sharing articles, and joining in with the fun.

To Ian and Sarah, I hope they can accept this apology and I wish them only the very best for the future.


Darren Worrow

2 thoughts on “An Apology to the Previous Owners of the Southgate Inn, Devizes”

  1. Well done Darren for admitting the mistake. Ian and Sarah were without doubt two of the most dedicated landlords you could ever wish to meet and did wonders for the Southgate. As Sarah used to say “I love my pub!”


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