Follow The Crows to the Global Film Awards

Someone said to me a few weeks ago that I shouldn’t always flatter subjects in my reviews. I agreed, while I feel anyone engaged in DIY, homemade creative projects deserve a big medal for their efforts, if something is a big bag of spanners then I’m your man to tell it thus; you know that!

Mind you, when you’re alone at an exclusive film press showing, for an apocalyptic film where all the actors, who onscreen are killing each other, are sitting next to you, it makes you think, maybe I shouldn’t slag it off too much. But I couldn’t if I tried, for I thought Swindon filmmakers Alex Secker and Marcus Starr done an absolute superb job with “Follow the Crows.”

The second notion is that amidst the social gathering, the prestige of being invited being I was so new to journalism (we’re going back a few years when asked to attend for Index:Wiltshire) and even the birthday cake, can one get enthralled with the ambience, and can that obscure negativity about the thing one is supposed to be reviewing? I pondered if it was such as a good film as I perceived it as at the time, couldn’t wait for the premiere to get a second opinion from the crowd….until my car broke down on the way and I only got as far as a field near Calne.

I’m no film critic, there’s nothing Barry Norman about me, but any deliberations have been thwarted, all apprehension that I had mechanically flattered the film have vanished when bods of far more expertise then me, namely The Global Film Festival Awards in LA, sponsored by IMDb bestowed our Swindon-made film Follow the Crows with winner of the best indie film category this week!

So, that makes it official, I was right; bloody spot on film guys, a massive congratulations to the cast; Max Curtis, Daniella Faircloth, Marcus Starr, Craig Fox, Matthew Mordak, Tony Manders, Stu Jackson, Alex Pitcher, Mark O’Donnell, Martha O’Donnell and Ashley Robsonand and the crew, 22six Productions, Rrats Kram Films and Infinite 8 Productions.

I look forward to hear where this will take the film, how it will push the guys for their next project, and if this will truly put Swindon on the map of movie makers.


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