Rowde to Party in Barn for a new Leisure Facility

So, big amicable guy, John Dally of JD Taxis knocks at my door, he’s the kind of chap one from the east of our island might deem, “salt of the Earth.” I’m expecting him, he told me prior he wants a poster for a party in a barn he’s holding in the village. “What do you want to call it?” I ask with pen and paper to hand.

“Party in Barn,” he replies; this is Rowde. We don’t need fancy names, it does what it says on the tin. I favour this approach, despite not being native to this village. Thing is, it’s walking distance to Devizes, if you’re feeling like an energetic mountaineer, therefore it’s facilities are often overlooked when compared to villages slighter further out.

He reminisces with my better half, who was born here, how back then they could go over to the playing fields. Today though, the darkened hidden corner of Rowde in which it’s situated is not suitable to send kids alone, it’s completely veiled save a few allotments, and the old hut and rusty 1977 Jubilee gate is long in need of repair. I assume this is why he is putting on the event, to raise renovation money, turns out I’m wrong; someone’s moved the metatheoretical goalposts and the project has altered to one on a much grander scale.

With Rowde School stuck out on limb at the closer end to Devizes, it was inevitable since it’s building ten years ago, construction projects would arise the other side of it. Now it’s to be so, John, in control of sports and recreation at the Parish Council, informs me they want to sell off the old unequipped sports field, and construct a new one, with a pavilion. The facility will be surrounded by new houses, and not only fulfil the need for its villagers, but may attractive to clubs and societies in Devizes too.


It’s an ambitious project, but will bring Rowde in line with villages like Seend and Bromham, who’s community halls, complete with sports and social club houses are the hubs of their villages. So in order to kick this exciting scheme into gear, The Party in Barn will take place from 7PM to midnight on 18th August and with the kind permission of Jim Butler, will be held at Manor Farm on Close Lane in Rowde.

Local group Eazilyled, who I recall rocking last year’s Devizes Scooter Club’s family fun day, will headline, alongside resident DJ Eddie, but we’re not ruling out adding another act or two, so if anyone here wants to play a charity gig and help Rowde bag themselves a shiny new venue, please let me know.

There will be a barbeque and jerk chicken also on the menu. John assures they’ll have some activities for the children too.

As it’s a proper village job, there will be no bar; bring your own booze, oh and one for me too if your budget stretches, ta. This makes for a cheaper night than propping up an overpriced bar, although they will have some soft drinks available.

Under 16s are free, tickets are a snip at £7:50 and can be obtained by emailing John at or calling him on 0759 2063 789. Failing this you go to this link here on Devizine, pay via Paypal, making sure you’ve stated in the notes it’s for the party in barn, and told me your address and I’ll find a way to pop them round, be it by hand, by taxi or maybe milkfloat! Let us for now assume though there will be tickets on the door, or gate, being it’s a barn and all.

So, please do come one and all, and support Rowde’s efforts to obtain a community hall and sports pavilion, we did give Devizes a lovely ice cream parlour after all!



Facebook Event Page here.

Like Eazilyled here.




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