Take Me Away From Country Roads: Dead Kool Seeks New, Family Ground

You have to tip your Stetson to Dean Czerwionka of Dead Kool Promotions, which usually concentrates on promoting county music, for the launch of a sister event organisation he’s named “Devizes Family Club.” It does what it says on the tin.

Whist in the past Dean sought variety within the Country Music genre, the new year will see a surfeit of tribute acts from many pop genres and eras. To be hosted at the Conservative Club, tickets are being sold a year in advance; “people are going crazy for the new family club,” Dean delightfully exclaimed.

My suspicions arose when Dean introduced a Sixties Tribute show to the Cons Club a few months ago, then he was banging on about a George Formby one too, justifying it to me as a “homecoming.” Layering me with fascinating trivia, the like of at seven years old Formby came to Bishops Cannings, as a stable boy and apprentice jockey. There you go, bet you didn’t know that? Mind, he probably didn’t stay long I jested; not much eye-candy to be spotted through cleaning windows in Bishops Cannings!


It was next year’s booking of Pink tribute Zoe Alexander which shocked me to hassle him. “You diversifying?” I probed.

“I am diversifying Darren,” Dean explained, “but Country is my roots. I want to bring more genres for the families at affordable prices.” Tickets for the majority of events will be capped at a fiver for adults, with bigger bands between £10-12, but under 16’s  will always be free, which is indeed value, being a handful are aimed to appeal to youngsters, such as Little Mix and Katy Perry tributes as well as the aforementioned Pink. He added, “my daughters wanted PINK!”

Really though, there’s no need for Dean to roll excuses at me, it’s a great idea to have a wider range of events at the club and introduce it to the next generation. Then I spoiled it all by kidding, “your daughters will sell more tickets than you!” He didn’t respond to that one.

So, with Formby launching off the series of events on the first of September, The Spirit of Cher ends that month. Dean couldn’t resist though, a quick snatch back to country with a Garth Brooks tribute on 9th December.


Then it’s full steam ahead for the next year with Meatloaf, Carpenters, Elvis tributes, and even a Rocky Horror act, to name but a few.

Recently added to the list has to be my Thin-Lizzy-obsessed supervisors doing; Black Rose are due to appear on 6th September 2019. Now, if there’s anything worth knowing about Thin Lizzy, and a zillion things you didn’t need to know about Thin Lizzy, my supervisor will tell you, if you wanted to know them or not! Even if you start a conversation contemplating, “he could never find a link to waffle on about Phil Lynott with this subject,” he will, in seconds, find an avenue.


With that in mind, if anyone knows the best tribute act to Thin Lizzy, he will. This reassures me this flood of tribute acts will be of sound quality; touchy subject with tributes, and Dean is supplying something for everyone.

Grand of Dean also, to take on other’s suggestions; let’s see if he succumbs to my Five Star pitch! Not that I know of any Five Star tribute acts, must be one…. surely? Tell me there is?! (Younger people please take caution if Googling Five Star and wear appropriate ear defenders.)

Seriously though, Devizine wishes all the best of luck to Devizes Family Club, not forgetting The Dead Kool Promotions will continue to bring country music to Devizes and Calne too. Dean assures me, it’ll be, “like the good old days, I had growing up going to the working men’s clubs with my parents.” Though cannot confirm if that’s a real memory or one infused from Peter Kay.



For event details and more info, Here.

For Devizes Family Club Facebook page, Here.



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