Beaux Gris Gris in Devizes

Punchy Louisiana blues folk-soul will ensure Devizes doesn’t forget the Saddleback now their awesome festival for 2018 is the stuff of  legend.


Presenting what will hopefully be a series of cosier autumn and winter events at the Sports Club, Saddleback Music Presents begins on 15th September by bringing us New Orleans inspired the Beaux Gris Gris (pronounced \ˈbō\ \ˈgrē-(ˌ)grē\  – no, I’m still none the wiser either) & The Apocalypse.


Newly formed in 2017 by Louisiana-born-and-raised musician, Greta Valenti  of Well Hung Heart, and UK British Blues Hall of Fame inductee, local Robin Davey of The Hoax, DVL, as well as Well Hung Heart, it’s seems it’s an UK-USA extension of this group by adding the Hoax’s drummer Mark Barrett, keyboardist of King King and for Joanne Shaw Taylor, Bob Fridzema, and blended with Irish-American singer-songwriter, Ali Coyle on Bass.


Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse released a four-track EP, The Appetizer in 2017 and since March there’s a breezy, dirty-swamp blues track, the like of Garbage or Beth Hart, ingeniously titled, “Don’t Let the Bastards Drag you Down,” – man, I’ve been there.


So, yeah, Sunday isn’t it, take a Sunday-kinda listen, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s grand of them to add Devizes onto their UK Tour, despite they should’ve known better, having performed down the Cellar Bar last year, and sold out, and for a tenner a ticket, can’t go wrong. Tickets out now from the Sports Club.







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