Jack Moore and more, at Vinyl Realm

Nip out to Icelands for some chips, love? Don’t mind if I do, perchance to go via Vinyl Realm and catch an hour and half of Calne’s Compact Pussycat drummer Jack Moore, who acoustically performs in his own right, blinking brilliantly I might add.


Now the Lamb’s Fold venue has been highjacked by Pete and Jacki of Devizes’ proud record shop, there was some deliberation if these cosy afternoon sessions in the shop will continue. My tuppence is if they can they should, as if you’re having a quiet Saturday evening in, you can still catch some tunes. Yeah, it’s an age thing.


So drizzly rain splattered the window as a handful of punters gathered to witness an unplugged Moore causally strum, chat, knock out some great covers and some of his own compositions.


A slice of Frank Turner, David Gray’s Sail Away, Pulp’s Disco 2000 and a perfect adaption of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day, Jack has a charm and charismatic talent to guarantee entertainment. Best cover I reckon though, Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in Love, memorable for me as opposed to Jack’s Queens of The Stone Age finale of which I had to inquire of, much to Jack’s surprise; I didn’t touch the sides of rock in the 90s mate, the decade was one almighty rave! Young-uns eh?


Still, it’s in Jack’s own songs where he really comes alive; a jazzy ballad inspired by the cartoon Finding Nemo, or what could’ve been a novelty tune when Jack explained it was influenced by a trip to Sammy’s Kebabs in Calne, but turned out to be love song; I’m informed they’re good kebabs. But out of his own songs one from his digital album, Inside the Machine, which really shone. Download the album here for just £3.


Jack is keen and a talent to watch, be it as a quart of The Compact Pussycat or solo. He’s at ease with his guitar, taps and strums intently, and similar to flamenco, it ends with a jiggle and foot-stamp.


As to Vinyl Realm, well long may it live to celebrate our local live scene as well as a haven for all things musical. It’s with coincidence that their first night down next door’s Lamb, on 21st September will be supported by The Compact Pussycat, and the wonderful Sally Dobson, aka the Salamander, who I’ve more news to bring you of very soon. The headline to this evening is the experimental ambient rock four-piece band from Devizes, Cracked Machine, who have a digital Ozrics feel about them and their album I, Cosmonaut can be checked out on Bandcamp here. Tickets for this gig are, of course, at Vinyl Realm but at the snip of a fiver are selling like a Pink Floyd reunion.

I’ve clicked on this link to hear a quick listen so I can define their style, but the while writing I note I’m still listening to it. Cracked Machine really draws you in, convincing me this’ll be an outstanding night!

cracked machine

Pete and Jacki are back at the Lamb with subsequent gigs throughout the remaining year, on the 19th October with Steve Cox, Dace Beach and Dan O’Farrell, on 23rd November with Illustrations, Christopher Wynn and Sunset Service, both priced at a fiver too. The 14th with Sound Affects, Will Lawton & Weasel Howelett and Common Confusion maybe raised to a mere £7, but with added mulled wine and minced pies! Get away, I don’t wanna even be thinking about the giant C word yet!


Now, I really must get off to buy those chips, curly fries or wedges, what’d you reckon?



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