The Taste of Wiltshire



Take my word for it when I say I know a tasty lookin’ burger when I see one, and this is a tasty looking burger. The photo has been sent to me by the Farm Cookery School in Bromham; just the photo mind, right before lunchtime too; what are they trying to do me?!


Trying to nudge me to plug their food and drink festival, TASTE WILTSHIRE 2018 no doubt; does look good though and free too! On Sunday 9th September, from 10am – 4pm, The Farm Cookery School, Bromham, will be joined by a wide variety of fabulous Wiltshire food and drink producers, showcasing their finest wares.


You could be looking forward to an array of food to see and taste as well as a selection of wine, beer and spirits. Also, cookery demonstrations from local chefs and caterers, including one from well-known food writer and chef, Lisa Markwell, Food Editor of the Sunday Times (see, that’s the kind of job I need Lisa!)

For children there’ll be an interactive learning room, to challenge their imaginations whilst experiencing and tasting new things. You’ll never need to ram fishfingers and smiley faces in the oven again after that.


Taste Wiltshire sounds great, a stunning location just outside Devizes with lots of easy parking, and it’s totally FREE; yay! They firmly state not to bring a picnic, “No need, as there will be food GALORE!” Darren Likes This!


For more details, Taste Wiltshire Website



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