Falling: Larkin’s Brand-New Single

Purple Ronnie said Pisceans only sleep with people they love, but fall in love too easily; he’s the only astrologer I have a smidgen of faith in; I can identify with that. Spent much of my youth obsessing despite knowing it wasn’t mutual.

I checked both Sam and Finlay’s Facebook profile to see if they’re Pisces too, but not so; never thought I’d say it but, Purple Ronnie you failed me; where’s Russell Grant in my hour of need?

Intrigued, as falling for someone when they’re not taking it as seriously is the subject of “Falling,” the boy’s new single as Larkin. Released tomorrow (Saturday 25th Aug) I’ve had the pleasure of letting it grow on me for the last few days, and glad to report it has, lots.

Sam’s droning vocals perfectly echo the adolescent despair, the surging heartache of the theme, over an atmospheric soundscape and sublime but subtle drumbeats.

While there’s something very Coldplay’s “Viva La Visa” about it, Larkin have quickly established a definitive and unique sound, and this is a natural progression from last year’s album Set You Free, challenging even the better tracks on it.


They may have youth on their side but this has appeal for all ages, a mature pop sound of now; Larkin have accomplished a worthy single headed for greatness. But as good as it is I still don’t think they’ve reached their magnum opus and that Falling is only the beginning of something far greater to come, I really do.

Is Simon and Garfunkel a clichéd comparison I ponder? Their sound maybe slightly lost in time but Larkin’s vocal harmonies match, and I reckon it’s only a matter of time before they draft a song with the power of The Boxer. Then boom, a contemporary Paul and Art.

For now, Falling is an excellent track in line with anything record companies are aiming to chart with; powerful, evocative and catchy.


Talking of catchy, you can catchy them at The Owl in Bromham on Saturday; see what I did there? I know right. At the Barge in Bradford on Avon on Sunday, and at the Moonrakers in Devizes on October 20th. Oh and hey, I’m delighted to say the Larkin boys will be playing our little birthday bash on November the 10th, nearly forgot to plug my own do then!

Pre-order the single Falling on iTunes here, or else check in with the boys on Facebook!

Oh yep, watch this space; I’ll edit this post with the video to the single as soon as it comes in!



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