Nipped into the Turkish Barbers on Snuff Street

Hello there, a quick one from me today; I know you like a quick one. It is Friday and not a moment to spare. Just here to say I nipped into that Turkish Barbers on Snuff Street today and came out transformed into a movie star… well, kind of.

Not one for beauty and all that malarkey, and noting there’s little they could do with this old worn face, (face it,) they still made an amazing effort with the Barnet Fair. I began to worry about the traffic warden as that barber took his time to ensure I was pampered like Pamela Anderson prior to the set of Baywatch. Just when I thought he’d finished, I was content, he’d reach for another implement and trim a tad more until perfected. He even took a tiny flamethrower to my greying sideburns and scorched those final touches, much to the interest of some children observing.

“Whoa!” one yelped, “he’s going to set that man on fire!”

I tried to remain calm, attempted a brave, yeah, it’s all cool, expression, but inside I was like, “I know right; somebuddy call Fireman Sam, or Desmond Dekker, or someone; me ears are alight!”

turkish barders2.jpg

I wondered if I could dazzle any passing traffic warden that may have been perusing my motor with my awesome shiny hairdo? Unlikely, but it was a grand effort. Upon getting up, looking like I was ready for the TV interview of my life, I pondered that maybe he’d mistaken me for Robbie Williams or something, and that he’d want paying in gold bullion, perhaps he’d misunderstood that I came in for a trim, not the full works; but na, £9.50; cheers mate, keep the change…anyone who can make this codger look good needs a fine recommendation on  Devizine!

I kid you not, know the difference from an advertorial and a recommendation, this is a recommendation, great hairdo, great price, top service, and not a traffic warden in sight; get away from my car you scruffy-haired do-gooder!


Turkish Barber Facebook Page, give it a like.




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