Macmillan, who is he and why does he love coffee so much?

Macmillan, it’s a support charity, helping people from the moment they get that dreaded message. It’s a helping hand if everyone’s worst nightmare comes true; Macmillan are there to help them through it. Fit, unhealthy, smokers, non-smokers, binge drinkers to tee-total, cancer doesn’t care, it can devastate anyone’s life.

Friday 28th of September and beyond, some on the 27th, others flowing over to Saturday, all these sperate coffee morning, on a mass scale. You’ve seen the adverts, many have got involved.

Me, I thought it’d be nice to mention it, and let you know the local places taking part. So, I put a post on local groups at the ol’ book of face, encouraging those participating to let me know, so I could compile a comprehensive list here on Devizine.


I then went over to the website where you can check who is taking part in your area, to see if there was any I may have missed. Boy, was I shocked, that filtered for SN10 results came up with a staggering 5,008 different events; that’s a lot of coffee.

Too much for me I’m afraid, I’m a tea kinda guy and so much as a coffee flavoured chocolate turns my nose up. But what’s in a name? There’s tea and, and, yeah; cake, to twist any arm. The charity even provides a start-up kit with cake recipes. Schools, community halls, pubs and perhaps a coffee shop or three are rallying to the cause.

So, given I’ve no intention of listing them all, here’s the ones who replied to the post, alphabetically so there’s no arguments, cake throwing and crying over spilt latte; but do check the website here, where there’s details of all events taking place. All listed below are believed to be on 28th unless otherwise stated.

The Barge at Seend
Bewitched Beauty Salon in New Park Street Devizes
Bulkington Village Hall (29th)
Charlton Baker in Snuff Street
Ferndale Dental Clinic, Estcourt Street Devizes
Nursteed Primary School
Seend Community Centre
Three Crowns, Devizes (27th)
Times Square, Market Place, Devizes
Wiltshire Museum, Long Street Devizes

But it’s not just organisations taking part, some do a coffee morning in their own homes,  as Nazile Matthews pointed out, it’s all round to her mum’s at 1 Longcroft Avenue, Devizes. Put the kettle on Nazile’s mum, and the best of luck with all these super fundraising coffee mornings.


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