One third of a review, Folded

Glad I popped into The Lamb for a pint now; Vinyl Realm’s maiden voyage into live music evenings, for as I suspected, The Compact Pussycat rocked.


What? Devizine is free, so no, you can’t ask for your money back; a third of a review is all I’ve got in me today, be bloody grateful. I’m here for the love people, but duty calls elsewhere and I’m too old (and scared) to call a sicky.

I ask you; that couple from Vinyl Realm, arranging their first evening of live music…on a Friday; did it with full knowledge I was unlikely to attend I wager! Egg on your faces Pete and Jacki, ha- if only for a pint, I made it anyway, with a grump-on to boot.

As much as it’d thrill me, because of fatigue and this off arrangement, to be highly critical of the evening in the function room of the Lamb, hereafter known to those in the know as The Fold, I couldn’t if I tried.

For what do I find on arrival at my old watering hole? A steady crowd gathering with anticipation, the opening act loitering in the beer garden, but a buzz and welcoming atmosphere about the tavern that they were in for a good night. Yeah, cheers then! I’m not bitter, honest.

Still, I was keen to check out Calne’s Compact Pussycat, as just like this fraction of a review my experience of them is fragmented. I.e.; I’ve seen both drummer Jack Moore and front man Jordan Whatley performing as solo artists but never as their group.


So, think of this as a three-way fold, all you’re getting is the opening third, The Compact Pussycat; deal with it. And my deepest apologies to Pewsey’s middle act, acoustic heroine, Sally Dobson, of whom I had to nip out from and attempt at least ten of my forty winks; even if she’s always so nice and chatty to me, assisting me in my quest to prevent my eyelids from crashing downwards.

Same goes for the headline act, The Cracked Machine, notwithstanding both have recently been under Devizine’s spotlight with blindingly justified album reviews, and of whom I’ve no doubt would’ve put in an outstanding shift at the Fold. Feedback of it has been above excellent.

Sally Dobson

With the notion the only critical element to Oliver Stone’s biopic of The Doors being Jim Morrison was portrayed as far too serious; yes, responded the surviving members of the band, he was that nuts, but in a good-humoured way the film simply didn’t convey, I enjoyed Jordan’s performance immensely. For he brews in confidence, an attitude of a gothic band of yore, the stage presence of Jim Morrison with said charismatic madcap wit, and the passion of an upcoming demi-god of our local music scene.

Glad I popped in for a pint now, as I suspected The Compact Pussycat rocked, with a stylised and showy performance. It’s a mellowed blues rock of skill which caused Sally concern of how to follow. “Do a lot of floor work,” I suggested, omitting the option of breakdancing for fear of a slap, as Jordan is never motionless in his grand performance. Judge for yourself with my blurry images, he’s either standing on stool, observing the posters on the wall, if not mostly on his knees with passion in his vocals.


So, you’ve got a fairly good picture of the brilliant night at the Fold hosted by Vinyl Realm, if only a third of it. Here’s to the planned future events there and hope I’ll get a Saturday off work for one of them at least!

So, despite my personal situation, live music in Devizes is predominantly on Saturdays, therefore I’d reason the arrangement is welcomed. And as to the Compact Pussycat with their ironic, I feel, name, as nothing was compact neither Pussycat about them; they’re a lion in the hall of local music, hats off to them.




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