DOCA Change Carnival Date

DOCA (Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts) closed its AGM with some exciting news.

Loz Samuels Artistic Director said, “after much consideration our Board of Trustees have decided to move some of the dates of our annual program. They are small changes but we believe it will enable many more people to become involved in our events. The times of all events will remain the same, just the dates will change with the exception of Picnic in the Park (18th Aug) and the International Street Festival (25th/26th Aug).

We will move Carnival to earlier in the year, the current date means that Schools are on holiday so miss out on the opportunity of working on their entries during term time. The new date for 2019 will be the weekend of the 13th of July 2019, we are yet to decide on a Saturday or Sunday and are now consulting with other event organisers in the area to avoid clashes. We have chosen this date after some consultation with teaching staff and believe it doesn’t clash with other major local events and isn’t too close to the end of term. We hope to create a program of support helping schools who want to be involved but need advice or help with making costumes and floats in the future. We hope to see school entries increase and the enthusiasm for Carnival start to grow enabling it to grow in size and spectacle.

Carnival has traditionally been our final event during the Festival Fortnight but this change will mean we now have the final Saturday free. We have decided to move the Colour Rush and Confetti Battle to 31st August 2019 making it our finale event. Changing this unique event to a Saturday should mean that more people can experience it as they will not working, we hope to get more runners signing up for our Colourful 5k run in 2019 than ever before.

Loz Samuels Said “I believe the Confetti Battle should have National significance, it’s an amazing event and is growing each year, the introduction of the Colour Rush has made the atmosphere even better and we want it to continue to grow and become more spectacular, I hope our audiences and participants will get behind these changes and take the opportunity to get involved. We are very keen to hear from any groups or individuals that may want to become more actively involved in Carnival to discuss how we can work with them.”

See the DOCA website for details:

or call 07500786541 for more information.



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