Where was that Big Mike? He’s Got a Nerve…Ending.

Yeah so, I’ve blown my own horn, reviewed my own night, but it doesn’t happen every day! And what of the big man, Mike Barham, I hear you cry; could’ve asked him to play. I did, alright, and he’d loved to have come down and blasted his splendid noise, but that Deborah of the Southgate nabbed him first; typical.

As if the Southgate ain’t putting on some blinding music every Saturday night, often Fridays too, and even on a Wednesday night when they all sit around “acoustic jamming,” they call it, getting bladdered I calls it, on a Wednesday, do they have no shame? Honestly, they’ve a gig list booked into next year which reads like a local musician hall of fame, and Mike would’ve struggled to get his gert big size twenty in the door again for a while.


So, no hard feelings I say, I don’t do hard feelings, especially when the secret headliner announced was to be Nerve Endings. Yeah, I know right, who them then? I’ll tell you who shall I, only Mike Barham and buddies, that’s who; Mike Barham supports Mike Barham, what a nerve. I popped over a question to him; “oi Barham, what’s what then, with them then?”


“Hey buddy,” he gives it, “Mike here! Yeah totally new venture, new tracks, so would love to have a chat about it.” They’ve got Melksham’s Rob McKelvey on bass and vocal, and the awesome drummer Luke Bartels who, if you recall, we’ve mentioned on the exceptionally loud and proud Cellar Bar gig by his Welsh band Holoson in June. Now in my book that sounds like a dream team, and feedback has been very positive; here’s a Facebook video link to show off, and it sounds as we’d expect, flipping awesome.

Are they to gig again before Santa does his rounds, they’ve surely made his good list? I’m officially sworn to secrecy at the moment, a few days should tell but word on the grapevine is that their debut gig at the Southgate might not be the first and only show of 2018. Thank cripes for that, thought I’d missed out just because I was at some fancy-pansy online magazine’s birthday bash.

Yep, funny cos it’s true; Devizine wishes Mike, Luke and Rob all the best with this new project.


Adverts and That

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