Simply Devizes Family Club Best

Milli Munro pays Tribute to Tina Turner at Devizes Conservative Club on March 16th.


While original music from performing artists is currently flourishing in our little scene, everyone loves a pop tribute act now and then; go on admit it.

We’ve always tussled over their worth against original acts, but more and more we see tributes popping up, The Saddleback headlines a Whole Lotta Led this year, while the Scooter Club welcomes back Special Brew for their rally. I confess since watching Special Brew and, especially the Legend Live, a tribute to Bob Marley & The Wailers, I’ve warmed to the concept.

In retrospective splendour, even if a star like Tina Turner was miraculously to do a gig in Devizes, would you be catching the performer in their prime? Arguably, there’s little point in paying a fortune to see The Rolling Stones and attending with an expectance they’ll be skipping around the stage like it was 1964. But, do we need another hero? (see what I did there?)

Calling on the Devizes Family Club, sporadically hosted at The Conservative Club on Long Street. With the ethos of creating a club akin to the family-friendly Northern working-class club environment, they’re accommodating a plethora of variety tribute acts. From Thin Lizzy to Little Mix, Green Day to Alfie Boe, you cannot deny the assortment for all tastes.

devizes familyclub.png
Who then, could resist a Tina Turner? That soul diva, controversially trapped by her illicit partner determine to cash in on her talent and take the credit, who broke free and transformed herself into an eighties pop-rock icon. What’s Love Got to Do About it, not nearly as poignant and prevalent without knowing the story behind it.

Tina could perform, stylistically unique, her soul background against her rock image gave her that stomping posture and powerful female stance, can Milli Munro, who portrays the legend possibly re-enact that commanding routine while maintaining a decade-spanning blistering voice when she pays the Devizes Family Club a visit on 16th March?

Well, let’s just say she has had over twenty-five years in the entertainment business. Her career begun in a female trio called The Variations, as soon as leaving school. They won the Search for A Star competition on the Baileys nightclub circuit, and a recording contract with EMI. After a second group called Bad Girls, Milli begun on a tribute/look-a-like profession, impersonating Tina Turner.


From the holiday camp circuit, to British Forces in Gibraltar, Ireland, United Kingdom and Germany, Milli’s act has gone worldwide, from Dubai to Los Angeles, Richard Branson Virgin Mega-Stores Europe, Emirates; Qatar, the Ritz and Plaza hotels, among her glossy array of clients.

It is said, Milli has a personality that captivates her audience as soon as she appears on stage, with unforgettable performances throughout her career, she is still a top performer. You have the opportunity to be the judge of that. Tickets are out for her performance on the 16th March at the Devizes Conservative Club, and are tagged at just a fiver, under 16’s go free. Available online here, at the Devizes Conservative Club or Vinyl Realm. There will also be a disco and raffle; simply the best, just like the northern working-man’s clubs they’re replicating.


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