Introducing The Lost Trades; But You Already Know Them!

Ever heard of The Lost Trades on our local music scene? No? I can guarantee you have, yes, you have, no, really, you have, oh yes you have!

No, I’m not trying to baffle you pantomime style on this Sunday close to Christmas, for after years of loose amalgamations, collaborations and supporting each other’s gigs, Phil Cooper, Tamsin Quin, and Jamie R Hawkins have officially formed a trio, The Lost Trades.

Tamsin explains the plan, “anyone who’s been following our careers recently, will have seen a growing musical kinship between us. Well, we figured it was about time we made it official and so The Lost Trades has been born. We’re incredibly excited about writing together and creating amazing three-part harmony lushness.”

Expect an announcement at the Southgate this afternoon when the boys join Tamsin towards the end of the set. If you’re going, sorry for the spoiler, but Devizine has the exclusive on this scoop and it’s going to blow the news!


Not that’s it’s all that surprising, to be honest, after the closeness of the musicians of recent, but it is great news for us. All three of them have raised the bar of our local music scene, strived to progress their aptitude with explosive success. Singularly they’re amazing, collaborations work so well, now, as a group, I predict a shower of awesomeness!

“But it’s not just about us…” Tamsin expressed, “we feel like we’ve made some amazing friends and supporters over the last year or so, and we want to bring you with us in this exciting new chapter. We’ll be documenting the story in a typically friendly behind-the-scenes type way. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the notification bell to keep up to date with that.”

Starter for ten, here’s a Cat Stevens cover, “Moonshadow,” recorded as part of these “Living Room sessions,” basically a band practice, but clearly shows how vocally harmonious this is set to be. I had to ask if they planned to continue solo as well and Tamsin confirmed it was so. Yet, perhaps the country bumpkins’ trip to big smoke for an epic day at BBC Music Introducing Live rubbed its magic, and now we’re blessed with this official merger.


“We’ve already started working on brand new material,” Tamsin said, “and will be playing our first gigs in March; dates will be announced early in the new year.” I can tell she’s excited about the news, I’m reckoning the boys are too. As long as she keeps them in line, I told her!

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