Will You Dare to Propose at the Town Hall this Leap Year, Ladies?

Good for old St Bridget, a 5th Century Irish nun who whinged to St Patrick, about women waiting too long for their suitors to propose. You see, ladies, you can’t blame modern man, we’ve always been this rubbish. 5th Century lads didn’t even have X-Box as an excuse.

In a bold stand for feminism, five hundred years before the Spice Girls, they forged a compromise. On one day, once every four years, that being the 29th February, women could pop the question. Men’s generosity knew no bounds back then.

But girls, according to the tradition, you either have to wear breeches or a scarlet petticoat. Begging the question, what difference would that make, and surely lacing your boo with vodka and Red Bull might be more effective? In fairness though, if they refuse they have to buy you twelve pairs of gloves. If it sounds random, I’ll explain they weren’t quite at the bra-burning stage, and the gloves are, apparently, to hide your embarrassment of not having an engagement ring; sing about that, Beyoncé.

So, the big question is; will you dare to propose at the Town Hall this leap year, ladies? Not to me, mind, I’m spoken for…. a heartbreaking sentiment to end this post on I know ladies, but there’s plenty of other men out there who are nearly, just nearly, as nice as me! Oh, and you’ll get a discount on your wedding at the Town Hall.

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