Daydream Runaways Light the Spark Live

Daydream Runaways are reflecting back to the start of their career together, even if it’s only a year ago! Still worthy to mention this live session recording of their debut single “Light the Spark,” which we glowingly reviewed on its release last April, here.

On their website it reads, “recorded and filmed in an intimate setting, this version of gives listeners a glimpse into Daydream Runaways performance style whilst showcasing the energy that the track is known for in their live sets.” I agree, it’s everything we been raving about. While this newer live version was released on Thursday, lets hope this upcoming young band are daydreaming of the future too, as I’m eagerly awaiting their next move and some new songs. This is not the time for a “greatest hits” album, guys, yet!

However, it’s a brilliant example if you’ve not taken heed of our previous praises and hooked in their songs, or witnessed them playing live. Come on people, see here! I’m grateful they blew the low roof of the Cellar Bar off at our fundraiser last month, and wish them all the best.


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