Now That’s What I Call Local Music!

You know you’re a milkman when you wake up at 5:45am on a Sunday and consider it a lie-in. With the household in gentle slumber I thought I’d don my headphones and create a mixtape out of many of the great local music I’ve been sent through Devizine; jeepers, it went on for the best part of two hours!

An eclectic mixture, as is my taste, expect to be transferred between genres quite abruptly as we travel through acoustic, space-rock, indie-pop, to folk, reggae, ska, swing and end with blues. I’ve tried to keep it as local or locally connected as possible, furthest from here is Bristol and Oxford.

Think of this as a sampler, please click on the links and buy their music if you like the track, right now, they need all the support they can get. Artists if you’re featured here, I hope you don’t mind me being so cheeky, oh, and check your link make sure I used your favoured one, but do let me know if it’s an issue and you’d rather not feature. If you’re not here but would like to be, send me your tunes and when I’ve enough for a second compilation I will jump to it!

Here’s the lowdown this lockdown of the artists featured, with some links to buy their music:
1- Home – Tamsin Quin
2- My Backwards Head – George Wilding
3- Twin Suns Rising – Cracked Machine
4- Oxygen – Talk in Code
5- Road Songs – Phil Cooper
6- A Million Miles – Sound Affects
7- As Big as You – Jamie R Hawkins
8- 1AM – Larkin
9- Airbus – Boom Boom Racoon
10- Boot Boy – Ya Freshness & The Big Boss Band
11- I Should Not Be Moved – Billy Green 3
12- Heartbreaker – Beaux Gris Gris & the Apocalypse
13- Not A Witch – Strange Tales
14- Nite Life – Subject A
15- Edith New – Erin Bardwell Collective
16- Pandemonium –Mr Tea & Minions
17- The Simple Things – Dirt Road Diary
18- Stop Burning Squirtels –Pokémon Liberation Army
19- Marlo Cooper – King Dukes
20- Night Bus – Boot Hill All Stars
21- Darken My Door – Tremor Tones
22- We Know –Knati P
23- Forward to the Sound –Urban Lions
24- Run – Kingstons
25- Illumnious Girl –Jon Amor
26- Howlin Wolf – Elles Bailey
27- Trouble on the Green – Carny Villains
29- Like A Thief – Rin Tins
30- Under the Tree – Zaia
31- Key to Love – Little Geneva
32 -Sweet as Honey – Ruzz Guitar’s Revue


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