113 Mile walk to London To Help Free Angel & Maya

We’ve covered Tanya Borg’s ongoing campaign in the past, now she is taking a 113-mile walk to London. For five, long, earth-shattering years, Tanya Borg has fought in vain to be reunited with her beautiful daughters Angel and Maya. Maya will be turning 9 on the 24th October, the 5th birthday without celebrating, seeing or speaking to her Mother.

In 2015, Angel, then 15, and Maya, then 3, were snatched by their father under the guise of a short holiday to Tunisia to see their grandmother. Instead, they were whisked across the border to Libya and have been held against their will and away from their mother, friends and family.

Despite judges in both the UK and Libya granting in Tanya’s favour and their father jailed for non-compliance of court orders in the UK, the girls’ grandmother has kept them secretly locked away, with Tanya not even having spoken to ‘her babies’ for over a year.

With the British Embassy in Libya closing in 2015, Tanya has been given no assistance in her plight from the UK Government. Police have refused to reopen the case, meaning Interpol are not involved.

On 23rd October, 2020, Tanya will be setting off on foot from her home in Wiltshire to walk 113 miles – across five days – to 10 Downing Street in London, to help raise awareness of her fight – and deliver a petition asking Prime Minister Boris Johnson for political assistance. In 2009, then Prime Minister Gordon Brown intervened in a similar case, speaking personally to Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi to help reunite six-year-old Nadia Fawzi with mother Sarah Taylor after her abduction by her father.

Although now a different political sphere, Tanya and her family are imploring Boris Johnson – a new father himself – to similarly intervene and attempt to help them, also. Please, if you can, support Tanya’s walk and Go Fund Me Appeal. All donations will be spent locating her daughters’ whereabouts in Libya and on solicitor fees, in her attempts to finally bring Angel and Maya home.


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