Floating Record Shop Moored on Kennet & Avon

Jiggin’ in thar riggin’! Ahoy vinyl-buyin’ landlubbers, a record shop has been sighted floatin’ off arh local shores ‘n be due t’ dock along th’ Kennet & Avon canal o’er th’ next few weeks, ye hath been warned!

Argh, shiver me timbers, I did say a record shop, fer Th’ Record Deck be such, jus’ as I did see it wif me very own eyes; a floatin’ record shop, argh, on a barge, o’ all thin’s. Wha’ they can nah do these days, eh?

No, I nart be ganderflankin’ yer, moi lover, these pirate purveyors o’ vinyl ‘ave cited our waterways as thar last port o’ call afore winter sets in.

Th’ Record Deck opens on dry weekends ‘n at festivals ‘n events on UK canals ‘n rivers, tradin’ in vinyl ‘n sometimes recitin’ a sea shanty or two. Tomorrow they plan t’ stop at Hungerford lock. By Sunday 11th, they’ll moor at th’ legendary Barge in HoneyStreet, ‘n will drop anchor in th’ Vizes on Friday 16th ‘n stay fer th’ weekend. Tharn it be bound fer Bradford on Avon and Bath.

‘Tis okay, I plan t’ board them at some point, ‘n hopefully see whart they be up to, or least see them ‘n thar bloomin marvellous idea off! I will report moi findings back to arh captain’s table.

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