Today Devizes for Europe launched “Say #YES2ARealDeal” campaign.

Formerly local remain group Devizes for the EU has moved forward, changing it’s name to Devizes for Europe, and laid plans for action to avoid a no deal. Here’s their details from their press release…

Now that the UK has left the European Union, we need to take action to secure our future relations with Europe and avoid a catastrophic ‘no deal’ crash-out. 

The UK has entered the final phase of negotiations with the EU. Talks are not just about trade, critically important though that is. They cover everything: security, food standards, health, education, employment, research – and, yes, even fish.

The risk is that the talks could break down. That would mean ‘no deal’ – another catastrophe on top of the continuing nightmare of COVID-19. The electorate was promised a great “oven ready” deal but there is little sign of it so far.  

Our ‘#YES2ARealDeal’ pledge on our new website will use your signature to urge Danny Kruger and other Wiltshire MPs [Note 1] to confirm their commitment to the deal they promised in order to avoid a national catastrophe and the break up of the United Kingdom.

The Real Deal needs to include:

• Today’s high food, labour and environment standards

• Tariff-free trade to and from Europe

• Visa-less travel in Europe

• Europe’s education and apprenticeship schemes

• Enhanced security through EuroPol

• European partnerships for research and medicines

Such a deal would keep the UK strong – and United.

“A ‘no deal’ risks dissolution of the Union.  Nobody voted for that. Time is of the essence. The transition period runs out at the end of this year. If by then the UK and the EU have not agreed terms for their shared future, there will be a ‘no deal’ catastrophe. It’s high time to make our voices heard!” said Kate Freeman, Chair of Devizes for Europe.

Lorry parks will not just transform Kent but using emergency powers 28 other lorry parks across England could be built to cope with border trading chaos after Brexit. 

We can expect delays of food and medicines, increased prices, and complicated travel to and from the continent.  All this at a time when the government’s energies should be focused on COVID-19 not to mention the climate change crisis.

“I urge everyone to sign the pledge to urge Danny Kruger and other Wiltshire MPs to do the same.”

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